USB Flash Drive Case

The fun, simple, colorful way to store, organize and identify USB flash drives!

$7.99  ea

$7.99  ea


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In today’s busy world of high speed internet and electronic files for everything from important personal or work documents to precious family photos and MP3 music files, portable storage for electronic files are in high demand. USB flash drives are very popular and offer easy convenient high capacity storage on the go. Unfortunately many of these portable drives can be easily damaged, misplaced, lost, or eaten by the family pet only to have your most important files gone forever. myFlashWrap® is the solution to keep these flash drives together and organized in a flashdrive case that is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, purse compartment, backpack, or any small space.

Choose Your Favorite Pattern!

Our flash drive cases come in fun, appealing, colorful designs made of lightweight plastic that close securely with a snap. Each case can hold up to 3 standard size USB flash drives and has individual sleeves that will hold each flash drive securely in place while not being used. Each flashdrive case offers ample space on the inside top flap to label each sleeve opening to identify the contents of each flash drive. Choose from our most popular patriotic print or a fun colorful puzzle print. Look for other fun prints coming soon!

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Look no further for similar USB storage cases or thumb drive cases that may not be as fun, colorful, or compact. Our flash drive cases only cost $7.99 each plus free shipping and handling. We accept all major credit cards including American Express as well as PayPal for your convenience.

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